Boom Spoiler Alert!

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Salem of England! If you don't want to know the fate of Yami and friends, get out of Salem!

Addfire is The Mafia's disguiser. She has the ability of changing her physical features to mimic anyone she has seen. When she is close to death, Potatokuma takes over.


Addfire was one of the nine surviving librarians after the events of SoE: The Murder. In SoE: The conspiracy, she retreats into her home.


Spicy and Sondz: Having gotten the two together, or at least helped them along, they both are good friends of Addfire.

YIS and Octo: They both are on more cautious terms with her. While she technically helped them get together as well, it was in a death-prison. So yeah.

Eclipsa: They are absolute best friends, shippers-in-arms and always willing to spar.

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